Jon DeWaal
How we decide to move through major life transitions will define our formation.

Liminal Space is committed to providing faithful guidance through major transitions.

Setting out on any journey into the unknown of a major life transition is all about waiting without knowing--a difficult task, ripe with fear and risk.

But choosing the right accompaniment to assist, advocate, challenge, reshape narrowed perspectives, care, and help make sense of the otherwise tumultuous expedition of change can mean the difference between true transformation and merely rearranging your life’s furniture.

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reflections from life's biggest intersections

Why Me? vs Now What?

Think of a situation in which you’d ask (yell) ‘why me?’ It’s the unexpected cancer diagnosis, the loss of a job, car accident, singleness, divorced, underemployment and so many others. They are circumstances you feel are undeserved, mean, or if you look deep enough, maybe you think ‘you’re better than this’ or ‘I’m too good for this to happen to me.’

But why is a normal question to be asking and doesn’t always come from a selfish place, right? Who doesn’t ask it, especially after something disruptive has occurred? Amidst the sting of that kind of news, why is a holy, guttural cry.

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