Jon DeWaal
How we decide to move through major life transitions will define our formation.

Liminal Space is committed to providing faithful guidance through major transitions.

Setting out on any journey into the unknown of a major life transition is all about waiting without knowing--a difficult task, ripe with fear and risk.

But choosing the right accompaniment to assist, advocate, challenge, reshape narrowed perspectives, care, and help make sense of the otherwise tumultuous expedition of change can mean the difference between true transformation and merely rearranging your life’s furniture.

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reflections from life's biggest intersections


They say that the longest and most difficult journey a person takes in their life is only 18 inches long: that is about the distance between the brain and the heart. The thing about courageous storytellers is they know that the battle ground of life, especially during endings, is for that valuable, fleshy viaduct. He or she knows that a person who lives in ignorance of their heart’s cry and the endings they have been formed by will always find themselves wandering great distances into lands that they never intended to reside in or inherit.

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